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LEMO's M Series Connectors have been designed specifically for high reliability and harsh environment applications, including Formula One Motorsports. Features: Lightweight aluminum, Optimum space savings and 2 to 114 pin with high contact density.
We offer our international customers from the automotive and mobile hydraulics industries outstanding, sustainable benefits. Supplying electromagnetic and fluid actuator systems, we make a significant contribution to the development of more dynamic.
VCA North America VCA North America
VCA is the designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority and with more than 30 years experience supports industry by providing internationally recognised testing and certification for vehicles, their systems and components.
Eckel Noise Control Technologies Eckel Noise Control Technologies
Eckel offers a full range of high-performance facilities, including: anechoic & hemi-anechoic chambers, test cells, supersoft® test rooms, reverberation rooms from the largest, custom-engineered, double-walled acoustic structures.
Since its first dynamometer installed in 1955, Burke Porter has designed and installed hundreds of ...
Bellows Couplings
The electrodeposition process to create the bellows offers high strength, seamless construction with maximum flexibility.Servometer’s ...
Series 8500 HEV PHEV EV Energy Storage Test System
With B2G technology, battery energy is recycled to the AC grid in Discharge. With channel ...
St. Clair Technologies, Inc.
St. Clair Technologies, a global provider of electrical systems, invites you to challenge our innovative ...
Automated Geometry Simplification using 3D_Evolution™ for Multi-CAD application in a PLM system
Abstract A large general machinery company wanted to develop an automated process to generate simplified ...
Electric Vehicle Battery Tester
The Electric Vehicle Battery Tester (EVT) is designed for testing traction batteries in electric vehicles ...
Chemistry Lab Services
The NSL Analytical chemical testing laboratory provides a broad range of chemical analysis services including ...
Environmental Test Chambers for all your Testing Requirements
Weiss Envirotronics, Inc is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of environmental ...
ePOWERgrid Product Family Overview
OPAL-RT now offers the most complete, open and high-performance power system real-time simulation solution on ...
Sherlock Automated Design Analysis
Sherlock is the backbone to one of the most powerful reliability tools to be released ...
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
AR’s EMC solutions make complicated test processes easier and more accurate. Everything is simplified – ...
OP7000 High-End, FPGA-Based I/O System
When you need the maximum performance available or want a system with optimal flexibility that ...
Miniature Pressure Transducer Features Flush Diaphragm
Stellar Technology Inc, offers the Model FT260 miniature pressure transducer. This rugged all-welded stainless steel ...
ACF-50 is a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion/lubricating compound that has been specially designed for aviation and aerospace ...
The Worlds Springiest Bellows
Possessing improved mechanical and thermal properties, seamless NiColoy® bellows can be used over a wider ...
Environmental Test Chambers for all your Testing Requirements
Weiss Envirotronics, Inc is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of environmental ...
Transhield, Inc. shrink covers are available for a wide range of applications including automotive, aerospace ...
QuantumX MX1615 Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier Offering High-Channel Density and Flexibility
The HBM QuantumX MX1615 is specifically designed to facilitate seamless modular data acquisition system connection ...
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