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BMCI, the largest supplier of Bulk Molding Compound with 8 manufacturing sites worldwide. Specializing in under-the-hood automotive materials, we offer zero shrink composites, materials with Tg > 200 degrees C and CTI > 600V for under $1.50/lb!
SpaceClaim is a simple, next-generation 3D design tool that can read, edit and save JT and most other CAD formats. Designed for engineers, not CAD users . Click here to request a trial of SpaceClaim Engineer
ebm-papst Automotive & Drives, Inc. ebm-papst Automotive & Drives, Inc.
Ebm-papst is a global leader in high efficiency motor and fan technology. With ebm-papst you have an engineering partner that understands your business and will develop perfectly matched solutions for your application. Your success is what drives us.
Bisiach & Carrù SPA Bisiach & Carrù SPA
Bisiach&Carrù has a 60 yrs experience in welding and carries on that mechatronic approach that has led to what today has been defined a masterpiece of engineering. It offers a wide range of turn - key solutions dedicated to aeronautic needs.

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